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Foundations of Hope


Foundations of Hope was founded in 2014 by Joel Troyer, with the goal of providing new cement mixing equipment to the developing world. After raising money to rebuild a home in Haiti following the earthquake of 2010, Joel became aware of the desperate need for construction training and proper mixing equipment needed in areas at risk to natural disasters. It's because of poorly mixed concrete that the death toll became so staggering in Haiti, and Foundations of Hope has since made it our mission to raise money and awareness about the dangers of poorly mixed concrete and the disastrous results like what were seen in and around Port Au Prince, Haiti in 2010.
Our goal is to not only provide villages with proper equipment and tools, but to have local villages actually doing the rebuilding themselves. By doing this, we will not only restore a home, but we will restore pride and dignity to people as they become more self-sustaining.


We believe that change within a village has a three-fold impact: People, Process and Technology. Only by addressing the needs across all three of these areas can you see lasting results. We take this into account with the implementation of our goals:
    •    To partner with local churches and businesses in the U.S. to ship new mixing equipment into Haiti

    •    To partner with local churches and pastors in Haiti as well as the developing world to train and empower them with the latest mixing equipment and training.

    •    To create sustainability within a village and create less reliance on foreign aid.

    •    To save lives in the event of a natural disaster by building a more durable structure on a stronger foundation.