Multiquip mixer number 4 arrived in Port Au Prince on August 20th and was delivered on August 22, 2015 to Pastor Eze'kiel in Kenscoff Haiti.

Pastor Eze'kiel is a legacy pastor at Eglise Baptist Church in Kenscoff. His father handed the church down to him after founding it with legendary missionaries, Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull, the founders of Baptist Haiti Mission.

Eze'kiel has a crew of  6 men who work on their church's construction team. They currently build homes and will start a new business and create more opportunity with the supply of the new mixer. They are building new homes with funding through ADTH and Pastor Eze'kiel will also be starting a new business with this mixer to create even more opportunity for the men and their families.

Approximately 5 new homes will be built in Kenscoff this year and next year we hope to see that number double. Not only will this provide new homes for widows, widowers and single mothers, but it will create new revenue for Pastor Eze'kiel to better serve his congregation n in Kenscoff.  Thank you for your continued support!

In Foundations of Hope's continual mission to provide cement mixers that save lives, help provide safe shelter and create jobs for pastors and their congregation, we visited Haiti on May 20 - 22, 2015.  On this visit we delivered our 3rd cement mixer, this one to Pastor Lejean in Grand Goave, Haiti. A 4th will be delivered in August of 2015 to Pastor Eze'kiel in Kenscoff, Haiti.