Jean Thaovhen (Haitian Contractor)

"The machine (Concrete MD) was very good. It could mix 4 bags of cement at a time and it helped us work a lot quicker. The mix that it made was 100% better than we had before. It was stronger and obviously it was a better quality." - Jean Thaovhen  (Haitian Contractor)

Brent Gambrell (President BGM/Door to Hope Ministries)

"..... the biggest reasons for their deaths was the horrible construction of buildings.... the horrible shoddy construction of blocks of cement and that's why we lost so many people. This piece of equipment  (Concrete MD) will be incredibly important to the churches and to the people of Haiti because for the first time they'll have quality and consistent cement product to use in the  construction. It's really an incredible ministry." - Brent Gambrell  (President BGM/Door to Hope Ministries)

Roger Sands (Director of Operations / Baptist Haiti Mission)

"House after house was put together with mud and a little cement mixed in and it was devastating for sure.  I think the Concrete MD will have significant advantages  because we know what our mix is going to be. You can't mess up on the mix as far as the amount of cement, the amount of gravel used and it gives a good consistency and it's mixed well.... using the Concrete MD will raise the bar significantly."  -  Roger Sands (Director of Operations / Baptist Haiti Mission)