Foundations of Hope visited Haiti on May 20 - 22, 2015.  This is the 3rd cement mixer FOH has delivered to Haiti, and a 4th will be delivered in August of 2015 to Pastor Eze'kiel in Kenscoff, Haiti. 

Foundations of Hope visited Haiti June 9th, 2014 to see the second cement mixer that was purchased for Pastor Echelette Charle of First Baptist Church in Calebasse. 

This video provides the latest update and was filmed by Eclectic Brew Productions.

Foundations of Hope is continuing in their efforts to send more Concrete MD cement mixers into Haiti. The goal is to empower and provide small business for local pastors and villages in turn making them more self sustaining and less dependent on foreign aide. This will also allow for much safer construction of permanent housing to save lives in the event of another natural disaster.

This video was filmed in October 2012 by Eclectic Brew Productions.